Windows 10 on the original Surface 'coffee table' works surprisingly well

Feb 17

Windows 10 is everywhere these days. You can find it on phones, PCs, tablets, Xbox consoles, mirrors, toasters, even tables.

As I teased in my Surface ‘coffee table’ review, I’ve managed to get Windows 10 running on a 10-year-old table, with everything pretty much working as you’d expect. I bought the table with the intention of running Windows 10, and in this article I want to detail the experience of how awesome it is running Windows 10 on a table!

Retro review: Microsoft’s 2008 Surface ‘coffee table’ in 2017

It’s worth noting that getting Windows 10 running on the Surface 1.0 is more of a project rather than an actual thing you should do if you own one of these. Due to iffy drivers, touch doesn’t work all that well, plus a few other issues. This is more of a proof of concept, showcasing what it would be like running Windows 10 on a table.

As a recap, here are the specifications of the Microsoft Surface table. It’s 10 years old, so they’re nothing spectacular.

Surface Table specifications