Forget Windows 10 S — Microsoft needs a true 'lite' version of Windows

Sep 13

Chrome OS is fast, clean and, most important, lightweight. Windows 10 S is … the same old Windows 10 with a virtual app block. Microsoft can, and should, do better.

If Microsoft wants to get serious about competing with Google in the education market, it needs a version of Windows 10 that isn’t just Windows 10 Pro with a virtual block on installing programs from outside the Store. Windows 10 S, while a nice idea, is not a true Chrome OS competitor. Microsoft needs a real, lightweight version of Windows 10 that removes the bloatware of Win32 and focuses primarily on being a web-first OS.

The beauty of Chrome OS is that it doesn’t get in the way. It’s a simple, straightforward experience that puts what you bought the thing for front and center: browsing the web. Microsoft’s idea of a Chrome OS competitor is normal Windows with a block on installing non-Store apps, and while Windows 10 S is good for other reasons, it’s not a viable Chrome OS competitor.