Aukey's Neckband Wireless Headphones are affordable, functional and fun

Apr 21

Aukey has become a leader in smartphone accessories, and the company’s Neckband Wireless Headphones are an easy way to stay wirelessly connected to your Windows 10 PC or Mobile device.

The Bluetooth headphones can also be a convenient and private way to enjoy listening to music or videos from your Windows 10 device. And the Aukey headphones double as a hands-free solution for your Windows 10 Mobile phone. When you consider the price of less than $40, they become an economical option for those who want a wireless headphone solution.

After taking the Aukey Neckband Wireless Headphones out for a test drive, they turned out to be comfortable to wear with decent audio quality. However, one design feature may take a while to get used to. Here’s our full review.